Kaye Lites, Inc. specializes in providing Grip & Electric crew for industrials, commercials and small features.

These crew positions include:
Gaffer, Key Grip, Dolly Grip, Best Boy, Grip, Film Electrician, Generator Operator, Crane Operator.

We provide hardworking, experienced personnel, insured and paid by Kaye Lites, Inc.  Our Employees are familiar with all our equipment, entrusted with our vehicles, and committed to serve our clientele.

We are happy to recommend qualified people for all other film positions.  To that end we maintain a comprehensive list of freelance contacts. Make-up, Wardrobe, Script, PA, Set Decorator & Design, Special Effects Etc.
Feel free to ask for referrals.

Payroll Services

Kaye Lites, Inc. offers a payroll service for your convenience. If you don’t already have a payroll service we can serve as the "employer of record", relieving you of the legal obligation to make payroll tax withholdings. We provide workmen's compensation and unemployment insurance as mandated by federal and state law.

Kaye Lites charges just 22% of the wages to process payroll.  We think this is a good deal because 17% of that cost is workers compensation premiums, federal & state payroll tax contributions, and fees.

Resumes and references available.