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What is a Cyc you may ask? Cyc is an abbreviated term for cyclorama. A properly built Cyc is essential to create a smooth seamless surface creating the illusion of infinite space.  The larger the cyc radius or curve is, the easier it is to light properly.  Smooth consistent green surfaces are essential to create a quick, clean key.  Conversely shooting spaces that have walls that meet the floor at a 90-degree angle (or the all-to-common Mini-CYCs) are very difficult to light consistently even though they are painted the same color. Typically high quality green screen studios have what is known as a 3' cyclorama.

Our state-of-the-art cyclorama has a larger 3’6” vertical radius and a 5’ horizontal radius which reduces the parabolic sound reflection common in symmetrical corner cycloramas.  There is no longer a need to shy away from shooting in the corner as this configuration allows for excellent corner lighting.

The green paint on the Cyc plays its own very important role in the green screen effect.  The reflective properties of real chromakey green screen paint verses green house paint makes quite a difference in the amount of the green light reflected back on your talent or product.  The slightest bit of gloss or shine will amplify the green bounced light, polluting the magenta tones in fair skin and even showing up on edges of dark or oily skin. Chroma Key Green Paint


You may notice with inferior keys that the talent looks skinnier around the arm and leg area, and also dark, shinny hair will appear to lose much of its body.  The subject ends up looking “cut-out” and pasted in to a fake background.  Rosco chromakey green paint  (what we use) costs more, but for good a reason.  It has a similar reflective index as green chalk.  Green screens that have less than matte qualities also reflect back the actual lights and show up as hot spots making it appear uneven to the camera.


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