"Multi-Tool" Production RV

Kaye Lites now offers a production RV (with over 10,000 watts of power). It is a versatile/adaptable rolling multi-functional production center with  rooftop shooting platform, Padded Camera Storage, two watertight pass through ports for audio & video cabling. There's abundant storage including 3 jockey boxes, numerous drawers and cabinets and D rings throughout the interior anchored directly to the frame to securely strap equipment or production supplies in place during transit.



Ample seating and blackout curtains make a warm and comfortable “video village”.

Alternatively this area can double as an editing, DIT or AC workstation.


There is an expandable workstation in the midsection of the coach where the DIT or AC can build the camera or download footage while the video village/edit suite area is in use.


This vehicle has redundant systems for back-up throughout:  There are two heating and two air conditioning systems.  There are three electrical systems. A 5200 Watt Propane Generator. A mains cable for external power and a rooftop solar farm that provides 4800 Watts of silent power via 2 battery banks with Xantrex pure sine wave inverters. This “green electric system” can power all interior functions while external quad boxes on each side offer convenient power for external activities. 

The full kitchen has dual power appliances (propane/electric) for use on remote locations.

-         The large bathroom has a full size sink and shower.  Multiple full length mirrors and ample closet space, which makes it a great changing room for use by wardrobe and talent.

-         Hydraulic jacks can raise the vehicle off the suspension to make the rooftop shooting platform a stable 10 foot tall vantage-point for high angle shots.   




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