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2010 Vol #1

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Kaye Studios Welcomes You

Welcome to Kaye Studios.  Over the past few months we have been building new studios.  Phase #1, our wrap-around cyc Insert Stage is now open.  This is the regions first and only pay-by-the-hour rental space with a Pre-Lit cyc.

  studio1  cyc7  cyc12

Kaye Lites has also been busy stocking our online store, retail showroom, and rental department, with thousands of the newest items at significant savings.  Kaye Lites offers the image-making community a demo space to experiment and test the latest equipment. We have walk-in repair services. At Kaye Lites you will find friendly knowledgeable staff.  The environment matters to us. Besides our recent "Green" improvements, we design energy efficient studios.  Kaye Lites has it all.

Follow our progress and stay in touch on:


  781-932-0005 tel

  781-932-0006 fax