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Rosco Labs is a visionary company with a superb understanding of lighting technology, and a history of bringing innovation to the Motion Picture industry.

Portability has become a key issue for quite a few of our traveling clients. 
"Until now, I have been recommending small Cineo & Fiilex kits, as well as the larger Litepanels to our discerning customers. Today, I'm pleased to offer the NEW Rosco Vector LitePad Portable kits as a rugged and compact solution, that works well in conjunction with those products, or as stand-alone kits."
Stephen Kaye: Lighting Director/Gaffer/Key Grip
LitePad Vector Backpack Kit
Be Ready to Light the Scene
Whether your story takes place on the top of a mountain, deep inside an ice cave or just a few train stops away - The LitePad Vector Backpack Kit is the perfect, on-the-go lighting solution. With a CRI of over 90, LitePad Vector LED fixtures provide soft, flattering light and powerful output - all from a compact, 8"x8", portable unit that will keep you mobile.
Rosco's Vector Backpack Kit contains two LitePad Vector LED fixtures and Rain Covers inside a durable, pro-grade backpack - which has empty slots for light stands on each side. This rugged kit allows you to sling two Vectors on your back so that you're ready to light the scene, wherever the story takes you.
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