Lite Notes

"I like the high degree of color reproduction, output, & soft quality of the Cineo line.  Their focus on high quality color by utilizing color temperature accurate phosphor panels and bright LEDs means one light can do more, with extreme brightness, wider spread, in a fixture with unmatched color accuracy."

Now Cineo has put that technology into small portable packages.

Cineo also offers excellent customer service! Simply register your purchase, and double your warranty to 4 years!

Stephen Kaye: Lighting Director/Gaffer/Key Grip


Cineo's 'DoubleDown' Warranty

Cineo will now double your warranty on all Cineo products purchased after January 1st 2014 when you register your Cineo HS series, Maverick series, Matchbox & Matchstix kit at


Discount Corner

Sometimes we have overstock, customer trade-ins, or sell DEMO items, and we always have quality USED gear available from our lightly used rental items all at great prices!
You can see thousands of items on our web-store or enjoy bidding on selected items on ebay.

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