Lite Notes
"What appeals to me about the new ASTRA SOFT is no longer having to fumble around with a lightbank, I anticipate people (especially for really small crews) embracing the convenience of controlling the light from their Iphone or Android. "
Stephen Kaye: Lighting Director/Gaffer/Key Grip
Philips Selecon Studio Panel Tunable White

LED Light Demos

Kaye Lites is a dealer for many LED brands. Including AAdyntech, Litepanels, Philips, Mole, Nila and more! We have these lights in our storefront and would be happy to demonstrate any and all of their capabilities to you in person. 

Feel free to set up an appointment or just stop in today.

  AAdynTech Jab  
AAdyntech Surplus Sale
Speaking of LEDs, with the end of a recent long-term project, Kaye Lites has come into a surplus of AAdyntech's Super-Bright LEDs, both Punches and Jabs! These lights have been hanging in the ceiling on a shoot for the past 8 weeks and are essentially new. 
Contact us for current pricing on these great lights!
K-Case Fluorescent Tube Holder
Re-Introducing K-Cases
Yes! The protective cases, you know and love, for all your fluorescent bulbs are back! We are taking pre-orders for both the 2' and 4' options. Orders will take about 3 weeks to get out. See our online store listing for more details.
Please call us if you would like to reserve yours today
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Kaye Lites, Inc

Updated Online Store

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? It's been a long time coming, but we have been working hard at updating our online store with a newer, more sleek look and it's finally here!

Stop by and see all our products in our new storefront.
Maybe you'll find something you need.

Discount Corner
Sometimes we have overstock, customer trade-ins, or sell DEMO items, and we always have quality USED gear available from our lightly used rental items all at great prices!
You can see thousands of items on our web-store or enjoy bidding on selected items on ebay.
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