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Sale Extended until July 31st 2018

For 25 years, the K5600 Joker fixtures have been the industry standard for powerful, controllable light sources, with thousands in use every day on film, television & photo sets around the world.

The Joker˛ line is redesigned from Beamer to Ballast. In 400, 800 & 1600 watt sizes, incorporate all that K5600 has learned:

  • NEW MODERN DESIGN: With its sleek lines, rounded edges, and simplified parts list, the Joker˛ emits more lumens than any competing light source of same wattage.
  • NEW QUICK CHANGE BEAKER RING: (NO SCREWS!) Now incorporating a threaded ring that mounts a clear or frosted borosilicate lamp cover (Beaker), allowing quick & easy removal without tools, for adding bug-a-beam adaptor (Jo-Leko) or quick re-lamping. K5600 now offers 3200K lamps in addition to Daylight HMI™'s
  • NEW PLUG-IN IGNITER: The Joker˛ 800 incorporates a plug-in igniter that converts from HMI™ to 1K tungsten and Joker˛ 1600 from HMI™ to 2K tungsten in less than a minute.
  • NEW TILT BRAKING SYSTEM: The yoke design now features a much stronger brake that when set, remains in position to support ever larger light shapers such as light banks, ellipsoidal spots & Softubes.  Also added, a convenient hook that allows lenses to be kept close to the source.
  • NEW STAND MOUNT: Three-way axis stand mount allows a much wider range of light placement, even with the largest soft boxes.
  • NEW BALLASTS: The New Generation Ballasts incorporate a one-stop dimmer with wireless DMX capability (Lumen Radio®) for on/off and dimming control from remote devices.

Please call / email Kaye Lites to arrange an appointment to View & Demo the Joker˛
The Joker˛ 1600W is the most powerful unit of the Joker˛ range. At 1600W, this Joker is comparable to over 6000W of a Quartz fixture's output and produces one full stop more than our Joker˛ 800
The Joker˛ 800, Designed specifically to take full advantage of the large reflective material inside a Lightbank, this fixture provides 50% more output than a regular PAR 1200W, and a better spread of light thanks to the bare-bulb design of the Bug-Lite
The Joker˛ 400 gives 25% more output than the previous version of the Joker-bug 400. The fixture offers a very similar output to a 575W HMI™ with 30% less electrical consumption and a smaller size and weight.
NEW Joker˛ Accessories


The KURVE Umbrella - A line of large parabolic reflectors that takes your Joker˛ from the smallest to the largest light on set.
The BUG-A-BEAM Adaptor is the part that makes the mating of a Source-4 and your Joker˛ Bug-Light 400 or 800 not only possible but quick and easy.
Free Shipping
For a limited time Kaye Lites is offering FREE Ground SHIPPING and PERSONALIZED DISCOUNT PRICES on any Joker˛ Kits purchased. 

FREE SHIPPING also applies to any Kurve Umbrella Kit or Bug-A-Beam Adapter purchased with a Joker˛ Kit.
 Daylight & 3200K HMI Lamps
While Joker Kits come with a lamp, did you know Kaye Lites also stocks HMI™ spare lamps?

NEW 3200K HMI™ lamps offer the same bright output that regular Daylight lamps give, but at a warm 3200K color

Now available for Joker 200, 400 & 800 (1600w 3200k lamp available soon, so the entire Joker line will be dual color)

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