Kaye Studios' Cyc Wall Studio


Kaye Studios is the regions only pay-by-the-hour pre-lit Cyclorama (CYC) Our innovative studio approach saves you time, money, and effort. The lights are already hung and focused when you arrive. The talent can simply walk-in, and within minutes be captured from head to toe with few lighting adjustments.


Kaye Studios cyclorama has large vertical and horizontal radii. This state-of-the-art configuration allows for excellent corner lighting and reduces the parabolic sound reflection common in symmetrical corner cycloramas. 



We invite new media artists and entrepreneurs to check out this innovative and cost effective solution. Give us a call and head over to see why this space is the perfect fit for your production needs, whether for music videos, podcasts, webisodes and more. 



Knowledgeable professionals benefit from renting our CYC for a shorter time with less labor and low equipment costs. Kaye Lites provides a huge in-house selection of the latest gear exclusively for the studio, both on an a-la-carte basis and in several convenient discount lighting packages.



Studio walls and floor can be painted to any color you desire for a fee.  Green Screen and Studio White are the most common colors. 





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