Trovato Quattro 60 w/Brakes

This exceptionally stable and smooth jib features high quality bearings and similar design as the Tote 48, with a larger 84' reach and 6' vertical, is quick and easy to set up. The Quattro can handle the heaviest cameras. This jib can be mounted on dolly with center mount kit,  pedestal, and Mitchell tripod. Standard accessories include: Mitchell Base & Mitchell Receiver Head, 90° Offset Plate and weights. There is also a variety of heavy duty accessories listed below available for Tote & Quattro Jibs.


Trovato Tote 48 w/Brakes

Lighter weight and more easily portable than the Heavy Duty top of the line Quattro 60, the Tote 48/ w Brakes has  58" reach and 5' vertical But just as smooth and versatile using the same quality bearings and design elements making a variety of accessories listed below inter changeable between the Tote & Quattro. This jib mounts on a Mitchell tripod or a dolly or pedestal. Handles film and video packages up to 75lbs. Equipped with Both Vertical and horizontal braking. Standard accessories include: Sachtler Receiver Head and weights.


Trovato Cam 36

This simple, ruggedly built, easy to set up jib has a reach of 46 inches and a vertical travel of four feet. Standard accessories include: Low profile head, ball head mounting ring and 50lbs of weight. Handles film and video packages up to 50 lb.



Shorter Weight Bar for tighter locations bring extra 50lbs (Tote Jibs Only)

Ronford Heavy Duty Standard Tripod

Ronford Heavy Duty Baby Tripod

Sachtler Receiver Head

Low Profile Head

Mitchell Receiver Head

Speed Rail Leveling Head

Balanced Pan Head

100mm Ball Mounting Ring

90° Offset Plate

2' Offset Plate


All cranes must be operated by an approved technician. 


Piccolo Crane

Curved Piccolo Crane Track

Starter Piccolo Crane Track



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