Fisher Model Ten Dolly

This state-of-the-art dolly operates in crab, conventional and round mode. Boom height to 5'3" without risers. With our 32 wheel skateboard kit you can achieve the smoothest moves on all round rail track. Standard accessories include: 6" and 12" riser, 24" offset, shovel nose, 2 seats, 1 seat offset, and 6 sideboards.


Fisher Model Eleven Dolly

Smaller and lighter than the Fisher Ten, the Fisher Eleven also has the three mode steering. This Dolly weighs only 320 lbs. and is only 39 5/8" long and 20 3/8" wide, with wheels in. Boom height is 4' 4". The Model Eleven operates on round rail track.  Standard Accessories Include: Rotating offset, 90 degree Angle plate, 2 seats, 2 seat offsets, 1 6" seat riser, 2 diving boards, 2 low front boards w/ bridge, 2 high side boards, 2 low side boards, standing platform, 12" & 6" riser, 10" offset, 2 lifting handles, 2 push handles, & low shot bracket. Runs on round rail track.


Chapman Super Pee-Wee II Dolly

The Pee Wee Dolly has a boom height to 4' 8" without risers. This dolly operates on round rail-track with integral bogey wheels. Standard accessories include: 12" riser, 24" offset, shovel nose, 2 seats, 2 seat risers, 4 sideboards, standing board and tracking board.


Skateboard Dolly

This easily portable dolly accepts speed rail rigs or traditional camera support. 34"x 48" Sled Dolly or use as a Jib Arm platform.  Use  with your own skate wheels or order Skate Board Channels, either a 32 wheel set or Cool Wheels (required for 90 degree track) separately. 


MSE Round-D-Round Dolly

Steering & Push Bars, 2x Sideboards, Seat, Riser & Seat Offset. If you want a Camera Bazooka Pedestal w/ 100mm Bowl Mount Please consider the Kaye Lites' Roundy Round Package instead.


MSE Round-D-Round Dolly Package

Includes: Steering & Push Bars, 2x Sideboards, Seat, Riser & Seat Offset, Bazooka Telescoping Pedestal, Mounting Plate & 100mm Bowl mount.


Fisher Center Mount Kit

32 Wheel Skateboard Kit

Hot Button Skateboard Wheels for Doorway dolly

Channel Dolly Wheels-For Doorway Dolly on Straight Track

Skateboard Wheels (32 Wheel Set)

Doorway Dolly Track Wheels-Channel Dolly Wheels-For Doorway Dolly on Straight Track

Doorway Dolly 45° push-bar adapters  

Bazooka Telescoping Mount for Round-D-Round Dolly (Reserved First for Kaye Lites Dollies)

Elemac Mounting Plate - To attach Bazooka Pedestal to the dolly

Elemac to 100mm Bowl - to mount the camera or Jib to the Bazooka pedestal




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