"Kaye Lites has consistently provided excellent service. They are one of a very few vendors I use that I consider a member of my team."
Charles Green - BCTV

"Kaye Lites provided us with experienced and talented lighting professionals. In addition, they made helpful suggestions that made the productions ever better than we had anticipated."
Roger Lyons - BZ Productions

"The work Steve and I have done together has been anything but pedestrian. We have produced such complex and difficult shots such as a live bear lounging in a pick tub in the middle of a forest and a full grown male lion getting his hair trimmed within an elaborate set. We have blown up cars, created a disaster building collapse and crushed cars and turned over dump trucks. I would not trust such expensive and ambitious productions with anyone who I didn't have complete confidence in."
Wild Bill Melton - Wild Bill Studios

I like working with owner operators - they care, because it's their company that's on the line. Steve Kaye made it clear that he wanted my business - that makes a difference!
Burke Wood - Burkewood Productions

"I just have not been dissatisfied with a single job I've done with Kaye Lites, and we've been working together since 1988. Steve and his staff are a joy to be around. They get the job done with a minimum of fuss, and half of the time they know what I need and want without my even asking. I've never needed a piece of equipment or an answer to a technical problem that Kaye Lites hasn't been able to accommodate. If only some of my other suppliers put half the interest in their work that Kaye Lites does, it would be a better world!"
Ted Reed - Counterproductions

I come from the post-production world, so when I decided to do some of my own producing, I was a bit nervous about learning a whole new set of skills. I called Kaye Lites to explain that I wanted to learn more about lighting. From my first phone call I was put in touch with the owner, Stephen Kaye, he immediately offered to share some of his wisdom. He's been patient answering all my questions, and he has always worked with me to find lighting solutions within my budget. For newbies and for experienced pros, Kaye Lites is awesome.

Geoff Birmingham-Reflection Films

Thank you for your prompt and knowledgeable service. You really guided me to the right manufacturers for my specific needs. Everything has arrived, in record time, and we are already shooting. Thanks again for the opportunity to save a little more by paying in advance too. Our show "Biz Kid$" is a show promoting financial literacy, and doing business with you makes financial cents for us. I look forward to doing more in the future.

Mike Boydstun -DP of Biz Kid$

"I would recommend Steve Kaye's company because they do fine work and are honest and hard working."
Brian Galford - Televisionary Productions

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