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Shop Manager Lighting & Grip Co. Kaye Lites, Inc.  1995-Present  
Member Local 481 Electric/ Grip I.A.T.S.E
OSHA 10 Safety Class OSHA 2010
Bachelor of Arts  Film Making Fitchburg State College 1995 

Feature & Documentary

Grip   Ghostbusters 2016
Key Grip   Year by the Sea 2016
Electric   God Knows Where I Am 2016
Electric   Joy 2015
Electric   The Sea of Trees 2015
Grip   The Assault 2014
Electric   The Equalizer 2014
Electric   Labor Day 2013
Electric R.I.P.D. 2013
Electric That's My Boy 2012
Electric Ted 2012
Electric The Girl from the Naked Eye 2012
Key Grip NHK Ancient & Honorable Military Museum Interviews Nov '11
Electric Zoo Keeper 2011
Key Grip Patrimony (short) 2011
Key Grip Stonehenge Circle Orgullosa - Proud Latinas Aug '11
Key Grip Left/Right Entertainment Portraits of Ground Zero July '11
Grip Tangerine Films Stuffer May '10
Electric Beneath the Veneer of a Murder (short) 2010
Electric The Fighter 2010
Grip The Invention of Lying July '09
Grip Shutter Island June '09
Condor Op Buena Vista Underdog 2007
Key Grip Out of the Woods 2006
Grip Cavu Pictures Lbs 2004
Grip WNET Slavery & The Making of America Nov '03  
Key Grip Docema LLC Damrell's Fire Nov '03
Dolly Grip Orange Pictures Harrison Macauley Is Going to Kill Me 2003
Grip Stocking Stuffers 2001
Dolly Grip Mark Grant Productions Serial Intentions 2001
Dolly Grip Gavin's Way 2001
Gaffer Bill Versus the City 2001
Key Grip Night Deposit 2001
Key Grip Jupiter Entertainment  Football Documentary May `00
Grip Rubydog Pictures A Voice Between Dreams 1998
Grip Bluff Productions Corp Bluff Dec. `98
Key Grip Cronkite Ward Co Great Books Series-Walden March `97  
Key Grip Powderhouse Prod. Discover Magazine-Poisons Aug. `96
Key Grip New Dominion Pictures  The Learning Channel-Vampires Jan. `96  


Key Grip WETA Washington Week-NH Primary Jan '12
Key Grip HD Net Dan Rather Reports-NH Primary Jan '12
Gaffer Story House Productions Titanic 100th Anniversary Dec '11
Gaffer HGTV Going Yard Oct '11
Gaffer MLB TV RedSox Pregame Show Sept '11
Gaffer NFL Network Tom Brady Interview Sept '11
Grip CNN NH Republican Debates June '11
Key Grip High Speed Communications Womens World Cup Soccer May '11
Grip Complete Pictures Martha Coakley Attorney General Oct' 10
Grip McMahon, Squire & Assoc. Katrina Swett for Congress Aug '10
Key Grip Proma Two Productions Time Warp - Many Shows Aug-Oct '08
Key Grip Production 920 Matt Cassel Interview Aug '08
Gaffer The Incubator History on Tap Aug '08
Grip GMMB Obama for President  June '08
Key Grip Depature Films Haunting Evidence-Comins Pond April '06
Key Grip Depature Films Haunting Evidence-Lady of the Dunes April '06
Electric American Idol Productons American Idol Season 5 (Boston) Oct '05
Asst. LD CNN NH Democrat NationalPrimaries Jan ‘04
Key Grip Scripps HGTV - Restore America May '03
Grip WHDH Productions  Anchor Image Spots May `01
Grip WHDH Productions News Room Promo’s April `01  
Grip WBZ Ch. 4 Boston Numerous Promo’s 1994- 2000
Key Grip Iowa Teleproductions  Better Homes & Gardens Sept. `99  
Key Grip WHDH Productions News Room Tag '96- March `98  
Key Grip WBZ CBS TV Image Spots News 4 NE '96- March `98
Key Grip WHDH ABC TV Image Spots Seven News `96- March `98  
Grip Turner Productions Champions On Ice Jan. `98  
Grip Roberto Mighty Prods Food New England-Cooking Series 1997-1998
Grip Partisan Pictures  Story Of America March `97
Grip Scout Productions  Boston Common March-Oct. `96
Key Grip BBC South  Great Antiques Hunt Sept. `96  


Key Grip WNA Cake Pak Feb' 16
Key Grip NFL Films Robert Kraft Interview Dec '12
Key Grip Sean Tracey Productions NH State Liquor Store Jan '12
Gaffer Devine Mulvey Joe Kennedy Citizens Energy Nov '11
Gaffer Team One Productions Body Blade Promo Sept '11
Key Grip Remote Facilities July 4th Spot June '11
Key Grip Alan Roach Group Lexus of Watertown Oct '10
Gaffer Matthew Heiber Productions Boston Towing Oct '10
Gaffer Counter Productions Cafe Escadrille Aug' 10
Key Grip Overgaard Photography L.L. Bean Spot July '10
Key Grip Liberty Mutual Productions Liberty Mutual Spot May '10
Gaffer Cyclops Pictures Portland Health Care Aug '09
Gaffer Peking Inc. Discovery Channel "Love the whole world" reprise Aug '09
Key Grip WMUR Service Credit Union Spot Jan '08
Key Grip WMUR Service Credit Union Spot Oct '07
Key Grip WBZ JB Sash Oct '07
Gaffer WBZ Baby Furniture Warehouse of Reading June '07
Key Grip Sleeping Tree Films Reebok/NFL 2010 Project Feb '07
Key Grip WBZ-Productions 33 Resturaunt Jan '06
Key Grip In House Advertising Eagle leasing May' 06
Key Grip Multi-Vu Providence Dunkin Donuts Center PSA May' 06
Dolly Grip Counter Productions Greek Resturaunt Oct 06
Key Grip Will Barratt Productions Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Dec '06
Electric Marathon Productions America's Got Talent Oct '06
Key Grip Murphy Putnam Fogarty Sept '06
Key Grip WBZ-Productions MA General Hospital Series of Spots 2006
Key Grip WBZ Productions Alpha/Omega June ‘04
Key Grip WBZ Productions Long’s Jewelers June ‘04
Key Grip  Ariescope Pictures Acura NH March '04 
Key Grip  Ariescope Pictures  MFA Gaugan Tahiti March '04  
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Grava Dec '03
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Workout World Oct '03
Key Grip  Ariescope Pictures Flaherty For Counselor Oct '03
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Harley Davidson-Buel Oct '03
Key Grip  Shooters Inc Boston Interiors Oct '03
Key Grip  Ariescope Pictures Rembrant Sept '03
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Jordans Furniture Sept '03
Key Grip WBZ Productions Kings Aug '03  
Key Grip WBZ Productions Framingham Ford June '03  
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Golfers Warehouse May '03  
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Boston Harley Davidson April '03  
Grip RCA Films Holmes Air Products March '03
Key Grip Shooters Inc Boston Interiros March '03 
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Savash Jewlery Nov '02  
Grip Shooters Shannon Obrien for MA Governor Oct '02  
Key Grip VP Film and Tape VIP Auto Stores Oct '02  
Key Grip WBZ Productions Wang Center Oct '02 
Key Grip  Mountain View Productions Heidleberg Presses Sept '02 
Key Grip  James Town Associates Bruce Keough NH Governor Aug '02  
Key Grip  Ventana Productions Brown Jordan (Winston Furniture) Aug '02  
Key Grip  Kauffman Production Services RI July '02  
Key Grip  Razor Productions Chevy Photo Shoot June '02
Key Grip  Dixon Davis Media Whitehouse for RI Governor May '02  
Key Grip  Complete Pictures O’Brien / Gabrielli MA Governor's Race May '02  
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Lawyer and Car May '02  
Key Grip  Burkewood Films Bruce Keough NH Governor May '02  
Key Grip WBZ Productions Post Road and Carpet May '02  
Key Grip Jamestown Associates Re-Elect Nancy Johnson CT Congress April '02  
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Team 5 Ford Dealers April "02  
Key Grip  Kaufman Productions  Cherri Pingri ME Congress April '02
Grip Media Central /MPGH Mitt Romney MA Governor Mar '02
Key Grip Burkewood Films  Bruce Keough NH Governor Mar '02
Key Grip  WBZ Productions Salad Master Feb "02
Grip Counter Productions Bickford's Restaurant Feb '02
Key Grip WBZ Productions Framingham Ford Oct '01
Key Grip WBZ Productions  Jordan 's Furniture Sept '01  
Key Grip  Dixon Davis Media Group Cheryl Jacques MA Congress Aug '01  
Key Grip  Counter Productions Danvers Savings Bank May '01
Key Grip  Newport Int. Film Festival Trailer May '01
Key Grip  Out of the Blue Productions Temple University Health July `00
Key Grip  WBZ- Productions Jordan ’s Furniture May `00
Key Grip  Media South Comm N.C.R May `00
Key Grip  WBZ- Productions Lexington Toyota Feb. `00  
Key Grip  B.T.D.T. Pictures Portsmouth Hospital Feb. `00
Key Grip  WBZ- Productions Vendetti’s Motors Feb. `00
Key Grip C2 Creative Upjohn Jan. `00
Key Grip WBZ- Productions JB Sash & Door Jan. `00
Key Grip  Gel Films York Hospital   Jan. `00  
Key Grip  Carabineer International  Hasbro Jan. `00
Grip Counter Productions  Danvers Savings Bank Dec. `99  
Key Grip WBZ Productions Five Star Chevy Dec. `99
Key Grip  Kaufman Prod. Inc Bill Bradley Campaign Nov. `99  
Grip WBZ Productions Kennedy’s Restaurant Aug. `99
Key Grip RTV Rex Trailer Prod Il Penino Restaurant July `99  
Key Grip Gel Films Seacoast Harley Davidson April `99
Key Grip Counter Productions  Group Advantage Bank Franchise April `99
Key Grip WBZ Productions Clarke Distribution March `99  
Key Grip WBZ Productions Appliance Outlet March `99
Key Grip The Media Group Nationwide Insurance Feb. `99
Key Grip Two D Prods Windom Hill Records April `97
Key Grip Wassel & Co. Boston Medical Center April `97
Key Grip Bright Light Prods  Bud Light Freeze Frame May-June `96
Key Grip Trippi McMahon Squire NH Political Spot Aug. `96
Key Grip Squire Knapp & Ochs RI Political Spot June `96  
Key Grip Mountain View Prods Winchester Rifle April `96  

Music Video/Concert

Key Grip Michael & Marisa-Beautiful Comeback Jan '12
Gaffer Rebel Rebel Michael & Marisa-The Same Oct '10
Gaffer Rebel Rebel Michael & Marisa-You Feel Like Saturday Oct '10
Key Grip Moon Drop Studios Dying Season - Life Sponge July '09
Grip This is Network Rock Band Oct '08

Industrial /Corporate

Kay Grip Blackwatch Productions HWP & Sunovian Apr '16
Kay Grip VZTV Verizon IoT Track & Trace Apr '16
Kay Grip D2 Productions Nike-After All Feb '16
Kay Grip Level Pictures Harvard-Joe Nye Interview Feb' 16
Kay Grip NFL Films "The Merger" with Bob Kraft Oct '15
Kay Grip Arsenal Bank Of America Feb' 12
Gaffer Michael Sugrue Visa Sept '11
Key Grip Impatient Cow Kaplan Feb '11
Gaffer Oswego Creative Inc IBEW Local 103  Sept '10
Grip the Creative Advantage, Inc Rayethon  Aug '10
Key Grip Focus Films Eye to Eye Promo March ‘06
Grip  Myriad Media  IBM Dec '03  
Key Grip Schumann Productions Howard Huges Medical May '03
Key Grip Encore Productions EMC Coorporation March '03  
Key Grip Atlantic TV Bank of Scotland March '03
Key Grip Benny Fitz Production Teamsters Local 170 July `00
Key Grip Counter Productions Reifenhauser May `00
Key Grip WBZ- Productions Compaq April `00
Key Grip Preston Productions IBM Jan. `00
Key Grip Videotime GMBH  Balloons Oct. `99  
Key Grip Media Central Microsoft July `99
Key Grip Preston Productions EMC Research & Development April `99  
Key Grip Preston Productions CGU Insurance Feb. `99
Key Grip Caterpillar TV Center Boat Diesels Oct. `97