Typical Uses: Corporate, industrial, documentary. Ideal for situations where the budget for a large truck package is a concern, yet a cargo van is insufficient.


Standard: Comprehensive grip and electric package. Comprehensive expendables package and spare lamp kit. There is room for a dolly and Honda 6500W generator, plus add-on gear (itemized gear pricing). Trucks carry fire extinguishers and first aid-kits.


Options: Discounted HMI, Kino, and Quartz lighting packages. Chimera packages add versatility. Dolly and Jib packages are also available.



$325 with Van + 89 cents per mile

(Kaye Lites staff member required)
Basic Driver $300 Minimum 


We also offer highly skilled crew as well as a convenient payroll service when needed.


Typical Regional Rates:

(Seasonally adjusted & priced per availability)


Gaffer or Key


Best Boy or 2nd


Swing (Grip/Electric)







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